Viking ink by Dynamic – Azure Blue 30ml


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For over a decade, Dynamic color and Viking-ink have had a very close business relationship.
Spending the last 2 years working together on REACH certified products to offer to European Customers.

The formulas and pigments used for this line exceed even the strictest European standards while offering superior quality.

Dynamic Color has worked side by by side with the Viking Ink team that for years has overcome the strictest regulations of the tattoo industry established by the Spanish administration and CTL.
They have worked together to formulate a range of colors that not only meets the REACH regulations of the EU, but also complies with the quality associated with the Dynamic Color brand.
Introducing Viking by Dynamic!

Colors of the best quality with the security certificates needed.
Sustainable packaging made with the best materials and is personalized, as well as brand labeling, which ensures that the product is not a copy and meets all the quality standards required by the brand.
All inks are packaged in personalized bottles with the brand logo and feature surgical-grade stainless steel mixing ball, textured hologram security label, and double security seal on closure, dynamic pattern, and leak-proof cap.

Made in Spain.

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