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Introducing the successor of the popular thermal stencil printer by Panenka!

A powerful printer that is used to create an exact carbon replica of your tattoo design. With its 1000 watt output, it’s able to quickly and efficiently produce high-quality copies.
This printer has the option to adjust the speed of the paper feed manually. A higher speed produces a lighter print, and a slower speed makes the print darker. Experiment with this setting to see what works best for you.

The printer has sensors to control the heating and cooling process, when the printer is too warm, it will automatically cool itself to prevent overheating.

For optimal results, we recommend using a thermal carrier sheet to keep the paper from jamming the printer. ReproFX is the recommended stencil paper for this printer.
Designs printed using a laser printer / copier with a black toner will give the best results. Use a black pencil or fibre-tip pen when copying and printing hand drawn designs.

The printer comes with a 12-month warranty on all parts except glass parts. All inner parts are easy to clean, which results in the printer lasting longer.

Key Features:

Easy to clean
Fast cooling
Automatic overheating protection
Adjustable speed for lighter or darker copies
Dimensions (WxHxD): 42 x 11 x 18 cm
Weight: 6 kg
Output: 1000 watt
Made in Germany
CE Certificate

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