Panthera Crystal Shading Solution 150ml


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Crystal Shading is a special formula composed of ingredients for skin redness relief; it’s a tonic and skin irritation soothing solution.
It can also be used to give softness and shine to tattoos. Its rich ingredients make the skin shiny, smooth and soft.
Aloe Vera is antiallergic, soothing, Anti-inflammatory, stimulant and regenerating. Due to its vitamins, minerals and amino acids, Aloe Vera is an excellent skin moisturizer.
The Hamamelis has great venous astringent, haemostatic, antiphlogistic, antihemorrhagic and decongestant properties.

Cosmetic product.
External use only.
Do not use on the eye area

Panthera-Cristal-SolutionPanthera Crystal Shading Solution 150ml
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