Kwadron Combat Magnum Soft Edge 3049 Module 16pcs


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Kwadron have established a reputation for manufacturing some of the best tattoo needles you can get.
The Kwadron Cartridge System is no different: razor-sharp, flexible long taper needles, grouped together with the highest possible precision.
The Kwadron Cartridges feature a needle stabilising system which ensures optimal performance of your needles and a membrane.

The tips are made from a medical grade plastic, so friction between the needle and tip will be minimal and your needles will stay sharp.

Combat Magnum by Kamil Mocet is the largest magnum cartridge of such high quality available in the tattoo world.
Using expert knowledge and experience, we have created a product with excellent qualities and, above all, quality unattainable by other brands.

Kwadron-combat-soft-edge-magnums-3049Kwadron Combat Magnum Soft Edge 3049 Module 16pcs
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