Inkt Shaker + 2 extra Silicon Cap


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Before using tattoo inks, it is very important to shake them thoroughly to mix all the ingredients so that the color always has the same hue and brilliance.

The InkShaker is a practical tool.
Shaking color has never been so easy!
With the InkShaker, you can shake the hardest colors thoroughly in the shortest possible time.
No more thick arms from shaking and no crying apprentice.
Simply press the ink bottle onto the InkShaker attachment and the machine starts to run.
Thanks to its small size, the InkShaker finds a suitable place even on the smallest workstation.
3000 rounds per minute and a 5.5mm orbital diameter ensure an uninhibited shaking experience.
With the help of this InkShaker, your colors always have the same brilliance and you save a lot of effort, time and work.

Don’t waste your time by shaking inks. Get the InkShaker.

Ink-Shaker-blackInkt Shaker + 2 extra Silicon Cap
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