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InkJet Stencils – Prep Spray will bind your stencil to the skin like no other.
It has been specifically designed for use with the InkJet Stencils Printer Ink, but will work just as well with regular carbon stencil paper.

Instructions: Spray Stencil Prep on clean shaved skin.
Massage the solution onto the skin and wipe off with paper towel to remove any oil or chemicals from the skin.
Reapply and let it air dry to the point of being tacky to the touch. Apply the stencil to the skin with even pressure for 30 to 60 seconds.

InkJet Stencils is a cheaper alternative to carbon stencils and thermal printers that allows you to produce tattoo stencils of amazing quality, in very short amounts of time.
The InkJet Stencils system works by dedicating a standard Epson Eco Tank printer (suggested compatible models: ET-2750, ET-2700, ET-2650, ET-2600) to stencil printing only.
Simply fill the ink reservoirs of the printer in equal parts with the InkJet Stencils Printer Ink, set the printer up on your computer like you normally would, and start printing!
Using a standard printer means that you can now print stencils straight from your photo editor in a high resolution: simply edit the image and adjust the darkness of the stencil directly from your computer and hit the print button.
Because it is a carbon-less system, the use of InkJet Stencils Prep Spray is vital to transferring the ink from the tracing paper onto the skin.
With one bottle of 120 ml InkJet Stencils Ink printing approximately 3,000 stencils and the InkJet Stencils Paper coming at a low price, the InkJet Stencils come to less than half the price per printed page in comparison with traditional carbon stencils.

Combined with an EPSON Eco Tank Printer, the InkJet Stencils Ink, InkJet Stencils Prep Spray and InkJet Stencils Paper go hand in hand to produce incredibly crisp, clear, accurate and easy-to-work-from stencils.

For the best possible stencil you will need to use this product in combination with the following:

Inkjet Stencils – Printer Ink
Inkjet Stencils – Prep Spray
Epson EcoTank Printer

inkjet-prep-sprayInkjet Stencil Spray 240ml
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