I AM INK Second Generation 2 Silver 50ml


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I AM INK-Second Generation 2 Silver-50ml


Classic BnG is made by a series of water/ ink mixtures based on a strong black ink. Highlighting with white for example, is not considered classic BnG.

With modern day tattooing gave us a new perspective on the possibilities and applicable effects in the craft. With time we saw lifelike tattoos that had more and more depth and opacity. These effects can be achieved by adding small droplets of white to your favorite black ink.

The problem: In a Greywash series, the lightest tone is the one containing the largest amount of water and has a varnishing effect. The lightest tone of a Silverwash however, is the one that contains the largest amount of white. When artists mix their own Silverwsh tones on a basis of a Greywash tone there is a very high chance that healed tattoo will be spotty and the outcome is not as it was intended to be.

The second generation of I AM INK – Silverwashes – consist of three pre-mixed Silverwashes on the basis of first generation I AM INK Greywashes. Mixed by machinery, the black and white tones are mixed to perfection for optimal results.

The Silverwashes are available in three nuances:

  • Silver 1: The lightest tone, based on the ‘Sumi 1’ of the first generation.
  • Silver 2: The middle tone, based on the ‘Sumi 2’ of the first generation.
  • Silver 3: The darkest tone of the Silverwash series, based on the ‘Sumi 3’ of the first generation.
IAMINK-ink-silver-2I AM INK Second Generation 2 Silver 50ml
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