EZ Derm Defender Premium Roll 10mtr


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EZ Derm Defender is designed specifically to help protect and speed up the healing process.
Acting as a protective shield against abrasions and bacteria, EZ Derm Defender is a light, waterproof, easy to apply film which is to be used until the tattoo is healed.
The Polyurethane Film (PU) protects the tattooed skin whilst still allowing it to breath and heal naturally.

Hypoallergenic, flexible, durable ,breathable, waterproof

Can be cut at any desired length.
For application instructions, see packaging.

Size: 10 meters x 15 cm

The EZ Defender Premium Roll is an extra thin and extra gentle on the skin version of the regular.

EZ-PremiumEZ Derm Defender Premium Roll 10mtr
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