Eternal APEX – Portal Blue 30ml


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APEX is THE new range of premium tattoo pigments developed specifically and exclusively for the EU market.

The pigment base complies with EU regulations and restrictions for Tattoo Ink. Over the past three years, Eternal Ink has researched, tested, formulated and reformulated hundreds of test samples to develop a tattoo color base that is suitable for tattoo artists while complying with EU regulations. The APEX Tattoo Ink works exactly like the original Eternal Ink formula when mixing and tattooing and cures 1:1 accordingly.
Eternal Ink’s APEX Tattoo Inks are a specially developed brand for the EU market and use the multilingual peel-off label.

The formulation of a REACH compliant tattoo pigment is a monumental achievement.
But for an artist, it will always be about the colors. Eternal Ink presents here the first offering of 24 pigments for the EU market. This color Pallet offers the EU artist a complete selection of primary, secondary and tertiary shades.

REACH compliant
In sealed medical grade bottles
Tested for heavy metals
Gamma Ray sterilized
Original American formula specially and exclusively developed for the EU market
Shelf life 12 months after opening

Eternal APEX – Portal Blue 30ml
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