Eikon Green Monster – Shader


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Eikon’s Green Monster™ Shader is fitted with a pair of our hand-wound, 8-Wrap Crown Standard 1.25 inch coils, and a 33uF pre-soldered capacitor for easy adjustments.
A medium weight Tru-Spring® High-Lift armature bar ensures that this machine runs perfectly steady for smooth shading and blending.

Each Green Monster comes fitted with Eikon quality hardware including Eikon Tru-Spring armature bars and springs as well as Eikon Crown Standard (hand wrapped) coils with pre-soldered capacitors for easy adjustments.
The body is milled and ground to tight tolerances and the coils have been shifted forward making it even more reliable and efficient than the original.
Final set-up and hand tuning on each machine is done by Mack Bregg, a 30-year veteran of tattooing and machine-building.

Body: Steel
Tuning: Shader
Weight: 8.11oz (230g)
Connection: Clipcord
Warranty: 1 year

Designed, developed and manufactured by Eikon in Canada.

Eikon-Green-Monster-ShaderEikon Green Monster – Shader
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