Critical AtomX-R Power Supply Black


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The Critical AtomX-R offers all the features of the original Atom X with some fantastic improvements. The AtomX-R is now able to sync wirelessly with the CXP19 footswitch and connect to multiple machines thanks to the dual outputs.

The overlay design has been updated to enhance the user interface experience.


Sync wirelessly with the CXP19 wireless footswitch
Dual output for multi-machine presets
New overlay design enhances the user experience
Built-in Neodymium magnets for a strong hold
Jumpstart enabled for hard starting machines (such as Cheyenne or Inkjecta)
Nonvolatile memory (holds presets even when power is removed)
Momentary or maintained footswitch modes (Easy one button toggle)
Built-in short circuit protection
Pedal override button (no need for a foot pedal if you run continuous mode)


Built-in short circuit protection
6-amp peak inrush current, 3-amp true RMS continuous current
Universal input 110-240vac; 50/60hz
2-year full warranty
Made in the USA



Critical_atomx-r_blackCritical AtomX-R Power Supply Black
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