Cheyenne Sol Terra Black


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The Sol Terra is a revolutionary machine that excels at saturated lines and colour packing for all designs.

Exclusive SensiDrive® technology allows you to change between motor settings, with both the “Sensi” as the “Hard” feeling completely different.
The Sol Terra is a quiet machine with low vibrations and low heat generations to guarantee a satisfying work experience.
Some artists describe the “Sensi” setting as “Just like a traditional coil machine”. Others describe the “Hard” setting as “The best liner machine ever”.

Technical Details:

SensiDrive® technology
Powerful, vibration-free tattoo machine
Perfect for lining and colour packing
Low-Frequency from 25 Hertz
4 mm stroke length
SOL Terra and Luna are Cheyenne’s quietest tattoo machines
High-quality workmanship
Ideal healing results
Long-lasting and easy to clean anodization
Handle cage protects the connection

1 Cheyenne SOL Luna
1 Power cable
1 Cable adapter (6.3 mm jack to 3.5 mm socket)

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