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The SOL Nova Unlimited is Cheyenne’s first machine that has the functions of a power supply build into the tattoo machine!

This machine has all the great features of the regular SOL Nova but now allows for complete freedom of movements through cordless operation.
The machine works through a single button and features two operating modes. Steady mode for a constant hit or the responsive mode which adapts to the surface it works on.

The machine runs on a rechargeable battery that delivers a minimum of 5 hours running time and needs only 3 hours of charging time.
If your machine runs out of power during a session you will be able to easily replace it with the second battery that is included with this machine.

The SOL Nova Unlimited includes two Panasonic NCR18500A cell batteries, if you require more than two you are able to purchase these from most stores that sell batteries.

Technical Details:

Stroke: 3,5 mm for good balance between lines and shading and 4,0 mm for demanding lining and color packing
Needle depth: 0 – 4,0 mm SOL Nova Unlimited 3.5mm, 0,25 – 4,25 mm SOL Nova Unlimited 4.0mm
Cheyenne-typical, quiet and low-vibration operation
Complete freedom of movements, no cables required
2 operating modes: Steady Mode (hit/frequency: constant) and Responsive Mode (hit/frequency: reactive)
Minimum 5 hours running time with only 3 hours charging time (at 5V and min. 2A)
Compatible with D-Grips Ergo One Inch and Ergo Round
Frequency: 25 to 140 hz
Dimensions (├ś X L): 33 mm / 1.3 inch x 125 mm / 4.9 inch
Weight without battery: 152 grams / 5.4 oz
Weight with battery: 184 grams /6.5 oz

1 Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited
1 Grip 33mm
1 Machine Case
1 Battery box
2 lithium-ion batteries
1 USB Charger cable

cheyenne-sol_nova_unlimitedCheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited
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