Cheyenne Hawk Pen Bronze


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The Cheyenne Hawk pen is the perfect tool for any tattoo artist.

The balanced, pen-like shape gives you a feeling of drawing when employing any style. Giving you almost limitless freedom.

The outside of the Hawk Pen consists of anodised aluminium, making the whole surface hard and particularly scratch-proof.
At the same time, the surface is hygienic and also looks extremely good.

The Cheyenne Hawk Pen comes with a One-Inch ( 25 mm ) grip, connection cable, manual and a holder for your machine.

Shock protected cable connector – 3.5 mm jack plug.

Infinitely adjustable needle protrusion 0 – 4.5 mm.

Technical Details:

Type: Hawk Pen
Operating Voltage: 6 – 12.6 V DC
Power Input: 4 W
Stitch Frequency: 70-160 Hz
Stroke: 3.5 mm
Connection: 3.5 mm jack plug
Propulsion: Precision DC Motor
Operating Mode: Continious operation
Ambient Temperature: +10 to + 35 ┬░C
Relative humidity: 30 % to 75 %

1 Cheyenne HAWK Pen one-inch
1 HAWK Pen Tray
1 Power cable
1 Cable adapter (6.3 mm jack to 3.5 mm socket)
1 Maintenance kit with replacement
1 O-rings

cheyenne-pen-bronzeCheyenne Hawk Pen Bronze
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