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This tape is extremely useful in tattoo studios where an autoclave machine is used in the sterilisation process for equipment and instruments as well as reusable supplies such as tips and grips.
It is used with sterilisation bags and pouches to ensure that you are always 100% sure your items have been thoroughly sterilised.
Suitable for both disposable and reusable sterilisation bags, this tape will adhere easily but can be removed if needed.
If you are ever in doubt whether the item has been sterilised you should always put it through the entire cleaning and sterilisation procedure.
This helps to minimise the risk of cross contamination between your clients, as well protecting the health and safety of everyone in the studio environment including yourself.
The sterilisation process helps to eliminate the risk from bacteria, viruses, infections and blood borne.
By using this tape there is a clear indicator as to whether the item has been through the autoclave machine, meaning that it is now sterile and safe to use once more.
The indicator stripes on the tape turn from white to black for a visual indication that the pack has passed through the entire steam sterilisation cycle.

Complies with EN 868-5, ISO 11140-1, ISO 11607-1

indicatie-tape-autoclaafAutoclave Tape
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