Autoclave Sterilisation Reels

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Flat Sterilisation Reels

Complies with EN 868-5, ISO 11140-1, ISO 11607-1

Ideal for specialty items of different sizes and needs.
See the difference with built-in colour indicators made from non-toxic, water-based ink, which ensures you that the sterilization process has been achieved.
Easy identification of contents through the transparent, puncture resistant, non-tearing, blue tinted plastic film. Providing visual confidence that sterilization is achieved and maintained.
Strong and secure side seal protects against instrument breaching.
High quality porous medical grade paper.
All imprints are placed outside the actual packing area what prevents ink contamination reaching the items.
Clean, fibre-free separation of paper and film, when opened, ensures the safe presentation of sterile products.
To prevent cross-contamination our reels are individually wrapped.
Compatible with steam and ethylene oxide sterilization methods.

Flat-RollAutoclave Sterilisation Reels
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